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Web Development OVERVIEW JANOS supports a highly capable WebServer which can handle multiple connections from multiple clients simultaneously. Both non-secure (HTTP) and secure (HTTPS) connections are possible for pages served publicly and those requiring authentication. A Hypertext Preprocessor modeled after PHP is available providing the ability to create dynamic and fully-featured websites. This general purpose scripting language is also uniquely available for program and batch file use in the Command Line Console environment. Each WebServer connection can be dynamically upgraded to support the Websocket protocol providing full-duplex general-purpose communications with JNIOR. By default a Websocket connection supports the JANOS Management Protocol (JMP), a rich JSON based message exchange capable of all aspects of product administration. This includes file transfer, command line console access, Registry manipulation and I/O control and monitoring. In short, the entire product can be managed through a single HTTP/HTTPS connection. Inter-process communications are provided allowing an Application Program to be written as a network server. Custom protocols are then possible and proprietary protocols can be accommodated. Finally, uniquely the JANOS Webserver can serve an entire website directly from a single ZIP library file. This incredible feature allows the website to be installed and updated as a single file eliminating any risk that files may be missing or go out of sync. For example the entire default WebUI is contained within the /flash/www/config.zip file. This file need never be expanded. NOTES The default WebUI demonstrates the power of the JANOS WebServer. These dynamic configuration pages leverage the power of the Websocket connection and the strength of the JMP protocol. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: WebServer/Server, WEBSOCKET, JMP, WEBUI, ZIP [/flash/manpages/program.hlp:143]