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JMP Protocol OVERVIEW The JANOS Management Protocol (JMP) is available to remote devices and computers for control and management of the JNIOR. Available by default on Port 9220 this protocol replaces the deprecated JNIOR Protocol and provides for better security and a greater range of capabilities. The protocol is based on the JSON data-interchange format. The JNIOR WebUI also uses JMP through a Websockets connection to perform all of the functions it offers. While the JNIOR Protocol remains a viable option for controlling and monitoring I/O on the JNIOR the JANOS Management Protocol or JMP (pronounced "JuMP") offers a single connection point allowing the JNIOR to be fully managed and monitored. The older binary JNIOR Protocol can be a challenge to implement and is not recommended for new development. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: JMPCONNECT, JSON [/flash/manpages/protocol.hlp:3]