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NETSTAT User Commands NAME netstat - Network Status Utility SYNOPSIS netstat [OPTIONS] DESCRIPTION This displays the status of the LAN connection and lists all of the active network connections as well as any of the services accepting connections. -U Displays any services accepting connectionless UDP packets. -A Displays network statistics such as packet and error tallies. -M Dynamically displays network activity. The display mode is exited by any keyboard entry. -C [FILTER] Generates the /temp/network.pcapng capture file which contains recent network traffic. This may be downloaded and opened with Wireshark https://wireshark.org . An optional FILTER may be used to limit the content. -F [FILTER] JANOS always buffers recent network traffic for capturing. This option can set a FILTER to limit the traffic collected. Since only a limited space is available for buffering, a filter can be used to retain packets of interest for a much longer period of time. The filtering is removed if FILTER is omitted. -R Resets the network buffer removing prior buffered traffic. -T Displays TLS statistics regarding the negotiation of various security suites. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: FILTER [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:3165]