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IpConfig/CaptureBuffer Registry Key NAME IpConfig/CaptureBuffer DEFAULT 512 (KB) DESCRIPTION The JNIOR by default allocates 512KB of memory for network capture.  If network traffic needs to be analyzed, the NETSTAT FC command is used to generate a PCAPNG capture file which can be downloaded and opened with the Wireshark network protocol analyzer https://www.wireshark.org . This means that there is always recent network history available for capture. The default 512KB can represent minutes or even hours of network operation depending on the amount of network use. Only packets involving the JNIOR are captured. This packet buffer can be increased using this Registry key and can be set for any number KB between 512 and 8192 (8MB Maximum). This Registry key setting takes effect only on reboot. NOTES the capture buffer is volatile and records network activity while the unit remains powered. The content survives a reboot but is reset when power is removed. The NETSTAT -R command will also reset the capture buffer. If the network capture is not covering a long enough period of time, we recommend first using a capture filter to limit the content to pertinent activity before increasing the buffer. An extremely large PCAPNG file can be difficult to upload and process. Similarly the NETSTAT -C command can include a capture filter moving only those packets of interest to the capture file. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: FILTERING, NETSTAT [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:668]