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JMP Protocol MESSAGING The JMP server implementation is not Master-Slave however there are a number of 'Requests' that have 'Responses' which is typical for such a server. In addition to this, unsolicited messages may be received from the server. These provide immediate notification for changes in I/O status and updates in configuration settings for instance. Any use of this implementation must handle the presence of unsolicited messages. Care is also required to pair responses with the associated requests as messaging order is not guaranteed. Optional Meta data supplied with a Request is returned with the Response unmodified. This can then be used to identify each response and the action it then requires. Common Message Structure All messages use JSON formatting. Each consists of a set of members enclosed by curly braces '{' and '}'. An empty set is acceptable '{}' although it would be ignored by the server and solicit no response. A set may consist of any number of members separated by commas. Each member represents a name/value pair where the name is separated from the value by a colon ':'. The value can be a string, number, object, array, true, false or null. The members are referenced by name and therefore may appear in any order. An array however consists of 0 or more elements each of which are values separated by a commas and presented in sequence dependent order. THE MESSAGE MEMBER JMP requires that each valid message contain a 'Message' member. This is a name/value pair where the name is exactly the string "Message" and the value separated by the colon be any one of the following. Client generated messages: "Status" "Control" "Registry List" "Registry Read" "Registry Write" "Registry Write Encrypted" "Enumerate Devices" "Read Devices" "Write Devices" "Console Open" "Console Stdin" "Console Close" Server generated responses: "Registry List Response" "Registry Response" "Enumerate Devices Response" "Read Devices Response" "Write Devices Response" "Console Response" "Error" "Authenticated" Server generated messages (unsolicited): "Monitor" "Registry Update" "Console Stdout" Messages received by the server not containing a valid "Message" member are ignored. These will not cause an error or solicit any response. META MESSAGE MEMBER The "Meta" message member is entirely optional and since its associated value may be an object it can contain any information and any amount of information. The value of this message pair is ignored by the server. However, the entire pair is returned unmodified with the associated response. The "Meta" object then can contain detailed application specific information that later can be used by the client to synchronize Responses and Requests or to determine any other appropriate course of action when the Response is received. GENERAL MESSAGE CONTENT Any number of message members may appear in the message although only those appropriate for the specific request will be used. All others will be ignored. One possible use for any extra message members beyond those required by the request is in providing debug information when viewed/logged on the wire using Wireshark https://wireshark.org for instance. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: INITIALIZE, JMP, JMPCONNECT [/flash/manpages/protocol.hlp:277]