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HOSTNAME User Commands NAME hostname - Sets system hostname. SYNOPSIS hostname NEWNAME DESCRIPTION By default the system Hostname is the unit's Serial Number with a "JR" prefix. The Hostname is displayed as part of the command line prompt. The HOSTNAME command sets a new Hostname to NEWNAME. Hostnames should be short and descriptive. The Hostname can be used in a URL to reference a unit whose IP address might not be known. In this case only characters compatible with a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) should be used. The Hostname is included in the unit's TLS Certificate to assist in establishing secure connections. The Hostname is also used in NetBIOS Name Resolution. In this case the name should be no more than 15 characters and avoid punctuation. This limitation may be required before the Hostname will work in a URL. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: IpConfig/HostName [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:1533]