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IpConfig/HostName Registry Key NAME IpConfig/HostName DEFAULT The default is the 9-digit serial number with a "jr" prefix in the form "jrNNNNNNNNN". This is known as the unit's "Birth Name". DESCRIPTION This defines a Hostname for the device. This name appears in many places. It will be listed as identification in the Beacon tab of the Support Tool. It is used as the command line console prompt. The name may be used in a URL to access the JNIOR if it is on the local network. It is noted in the default signature when emails are sent. JANOS allows the Hostname to be defined as just about anything. However, it is recommended that it not exceed 15 characters in length and use only alphanumeric characters. You can use underscore '_' and dash '-' if necessary. These limitations allow the Hostname to be properly used to access the unit over the network using NetBios. The default Hostname will always be available for network access in addition to any alternative defined by this key. A short name is also best for the command line prompt. NOTES This can be easily set using the HOSTNAME command. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: HOSTNAME [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:334]