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DATE User Commands NAME date - displays and adjusts the system time and date. SYNOPSIS date [OPTIONS] [NEWDATE] [TIMEZONE] date -n [NTP_SERVER] DESCRIPTION The DATE command without parameters simply displays the current time, date and timezone. -T Displays the current set of available timezones. -G Displays the current time in UTC. -N [NTP_SERVER] Requests the current time from the NTP server and updates the clock if a response is received. If NTP_SERVER is specified it is used in the request and sets the NTP server to be used in all subsequent requests. -S Disables the use of Daylight Saving Time (DST). -D Enables the use of DST. -H The system maintains a hardware clock when power is removed. This is queried during boot. This option reports the time according to the hardware. It also reports any difference between this time and the running (software based) system clock. -V Verbose output. When the time and date are displayed this goes into great detail. It describes any active DST rule and the DST status. NEWDATE This manually set the new time and date. The format is as follows: MMDDYYYYHHMMSS MM - 2 digit month (01-12) DD - 2 digit day (01-31) YYYY - 4 digit year (2021) HH - 2 digit hour (00-23) MM - 2 digit minute (00-59) SS - 2 digit second (00-59) The entire string is not required. The unspecified portion is assumed to be 00. You can optionally append "am" or "pm" however time can best be set in 24-hour format. TIMEZONE Sets the timezone if specified. This is either the standard or DST abbreviation for the timezone. NOTES The system clock is updated from an available NTP server upon boot and approximately every 4 hours thereafter. [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:1379]