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IpConfig/NTPServer Registry Key NAME IpConfig/NTPServer DEFAULT pool.ntp.org DESCRIPTION JNIOR can synchronize with a network time server supporting Network Time Protocol (NTP). To utilize this capability JNIOR must be properly configured for a network with access to an NTP server. The NTPServer key defines the server using either a domain name or an IP address. An optional parameter may be used to define an alternate port. The format is as follows: IpConfig/NTPServer = ServerAddress [, ServerPort] Another typical server address is 'time.nist.gov' and you may define a local NTP server. The standard NTP port number is 123. You may optionally specify a custom port number following the ServerAddress separated by a comma. Only one server can be specified. If that server is not available then the synchronization will be bypassed. Note that the clock is maintained by a battery during periods without power. Synchronization is not required but useful periodically as the clock will drift in accuracy over long periods. Typical computer hardware clocks (PCs for instance) typically drift by several seconds per day. NTP synchronization is critical in maintaining accurate time. NOTES Time synchronization occurs during boot. Synchronization is attempted every four hours by default to maintain clock alignment. JNIOR may also be commanded to synchronize using the DATE -N command in the Command Console. Proper network configuration including Gateway and DNS Server is required unless a local NTP server is used. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: DATE, IPCONFIG [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:462]