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Digital Inputs Inputs OVERVIEW Each digital input may be configured in a number of ways to achieve the desired function. Each Digital Input is processed as follows: 1. Sampled (Hardware) 2. Inversion 3. Debounce 4. Latching 5. Counting 6. Metering 7. Logging 8. Conditioning 9. Alarming 10. State Reported All of the above steps are configurable through the WebUI and follow the resulting Registry key settings. REGISTRY NAMING Each Digital Input has its own Registry section (node) which is numerically defined. Presently there can be 4, 8 or 12 inputs depending on the JNIOR model. Here we use [DIN] as a placeholder for the appropriate section name. For example using 'din3' for Digital Input 3 we can set a text description as follows: reg IO/Inputs/din3/Desc = "Power Enabled" NOTES Registry keys are not case-sensitive however case is preserved when a key is first defined. This improves readability without causing difficulty in referencing keys. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: IO/Inputs/[DIN]/Desc, REG, MODELS, INPUTS [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:2449]