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Alarming Inputs DESCRIPTION JANOS is capable of handling a number of Alarm situations. These are events that can be enabled to preform an action or issue a notification. By default a notification can be configured. Applications can be written to respond to alarms and take other actions. Alarms are reported externally through the JMP and JNIOR protocols. Input Alarms may be defined to react to a specific input state. For example an input wired to a door sensor may be configured to send an email when going to the ON state. Alarms may be generated when an Input Counter reaches predefined values. Two separate input counter alarm trigger points may be defined: Alarm1 and Alarm2. And finally, an alarm may be triggered with an Digital Input or a Relay Output reaches a predefined Usage Metering hour total. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: JMP, JPROTOCOL, Events/OnAlarm, EventsOnAlarm1, Events/OnAlarm2 Events/OnUsage [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:2680]