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ARC/JAR/ZIP User Commands NAME arc - manages content within a compressed library file. ALIASES ARC, JAR, ZIP SYNOPSIS arc [OPTIONS] archive [FILES] DESCRIPTION ARC is a compression and file packaging utility. Files are stored in single library usually with the .ZIP or .JAR extension. This is used to compress files reducing storage space and to package multiple files in one library that can be managed as a single entity. -E Extracts uncompressed FILES to their relative path locations. To override the destination path use the -P option. -A Compresses and adds FILES to an archive preserving their relative paths. To override the stored paths use the -P option. -U Compresses and updates FILES in the archive when the new files have been more recently modified. -F Scans the archive comparing the last modification dates with any matching external files. If an external file has been modified more recently it will replace the copy in the archive. -M Same as -A adding FILES to the archive. Once the archive has been successfully modified the added external files are removed. The FILES are moved into the archive. -D Removed FILES from the archive. -L List archive content. Use the -V verbose option for greater detail. -S Recurses folders when wildcard file specifications are used. -P pathspec Overrides the destination path associated with a file. When extracting this is affects the destination of the file(s). When adding this defines the relative path stored for the file(s). -V Verbose output. Increases detail. -O Overwirte when extracting. If an external copy of the file would be overwritten the action is confirmed. The -O option bypasses the confirmation and overwrites as requested. -T Test the archive. This decompresses archive content and confirms that each file can be successfully extracted. This uses stored CRC information. JAR and ZIP archives are equivalently formatted archive files. The JAR file is so named as it generally contains an application program for the JNIOR written in Java. The JANOS Java Virtual Machine, Webserver and Help system are each able to access files directly out of archives. Programs and websites each require multiple files in order to function properly and an archive allows those to be transferred and managed easily as a group. [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:1946]