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USERS User Command NAME users - List User Accounts DESCRIPTION The USERS command lists the current set of defined users. The output includes the Username, UserID and Account Permissions. Accounts either have 'Administrator' permissions, 'Control' capabilities, or are 'Guest' accounts. Admistrators can perform all actions, execute everything and make any and all configuration changes. Users with Control capabilities can control the state of outputs and have access to a limited set of commands. Guests basically can only monitor the status of the JNIOR I/O. In addition to permissions a user account may be 'Disabled'. This allows an account to be rendered inactive without removing it. This would allow the account to later be reactivated. Accounts also have passwords. These cannot be displayed. NOTES By default the JNIOR ships with 4 accounts defined. The USERS command shows: admin 3 Administrator guest 0 Disabled jnior 1 Administrator user 2 Control The default passwords are set to be the same as the user names. When you install a JNIOR you might decide whether as Administrator you are going to use the 'jnior:jnior' account or the 'admin:admin' account and use the USERMOD command to disable the other accounts. Then use the PASSWD command to set a unique password for the administrator. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: DEFAULT_ACCOUNTS, USERADD, USERDEL, USERMOD, GROUPS, SAFEMODE [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:2934]