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USERMOD User Commands NAME usermod - Modify User Permission SYNOPSIS usermod USER ACTION DESCRIPTION This command is user to set or unset the Administrator, Control or Disabled flags associated with the USER account. Onlys a single flag may be modified by ACTION with each command use. The USERS command can be used to confirm the changes. The actions are as follows: +A Add Administrator permissions -A Remove Administrator permissions +C Add Control capabilities -C Remove Control capabilities +D Disable an account -D Activate an account NOTES Administrators by definition can perform all of the Control actions and the Control flag need not be set for administrators. An account without Administrator permissions and Control capabilities is considered a Guest account. These have limited access and can only monitor things. Any account can be temporarily Disabled and later activated. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: DEFAULT_ACCOUNTS, USERS [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:3002]