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THD User Command NAME thd - Display JVM Thread Status DESCRIPTION Applications are written in Java and each executes with its own instance of a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The THD command displays the status of each active JVM. Classes are cached and shared. The THD command indicates how many Java classes have been loaded and the amount of memory associated with the cache. Each process is listed along with the accumulated process time, memory usage, PID and stack as would be displayed by the PS command. In addition the amount of memory associated with active Java Objects and classes is shown. Each Thread in the program is enumerated along with the associated amount of runtime accumulated by the thread. The status of the thread is indicated. For instance SLEEP is shown if a thread has executed a sleep(). If an application sets a system Watchdog the status of the watchdog is displayed along with the remaining time on its timer. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: PS, KILL, JAVA [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:2580]