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AUTO-COMPLETION User Commands DESCRIPTION The TAB keystroke on the Command Line has a particular utility. The function is context-sensitive depending on the position in the command and on the command itself. File Completion When entering a command that may require a FILESPEC you may start typing the file specification and hit the TAB key. The file specification will be auto-completed with an existing matching file or folder. You may repeat the TAB keystroke and the system will toggle through all matching names. This allows you to locate a file or folder with minimal typing. Registry Completion When entering a REGISTRY or HELP command (including aliases) the auto- complete set is enhanced to include existing and system Registry keys. This can reduce the amount of typing but also help remind you of the proper key to use. With the REGISTRY command if you use TAB immediately after the equals '=' sign the line will be pre-filled with the current value of the Registry entry if any. An existing Registry Key can be quickly accessed and brought up for editing using the TAB feature. Command Completion When using the TAB key at the beginning of the command line in starting to type a command it will toggle through all of the valid matching commands. This is further augmented by any matching commands from the existing command history. This can be very helpful in quickly recalling a recent command entry. NOTES When in doubt hit TAB. This is THE Series 4 JNIOR feature that makes the Series 3 JNIOR even more painful to use. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: HIST, HELP, REG, PROMPT [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:1255]