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SUPPORT For technical assistance: 1. Check the Knowledge Base at jnior.com 2. Email: support@integpg.com Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM EST 3. Enter Chat at integpg.com 4. Call +1 724-933-9350 PRINTABLE MANUAL A printable manual containing all of the information available here may be generated using the JANOS WebUI. The content is dependent on the current version of JANOS and will uniquely include any Help information supplied by installed application programs. It is recommended that this be saved as a PDF in preference to printing. Links within the document should then be usable for navigation. It can take a minute to generate this Users Manual. NOTES We recommend that you update to the latest version of JANOS to insure that you are not experiencing a known and corrected issue. To save time you can include a snapshot taken with the Support Tool with your communications. jnior.com and integpg.com are presently the same destination. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: HELP, MANUAL [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:442]