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JMP Protocol STATUS REQUEST The "Monitor" message previously discussed is an unsolicited message however, the message may be requested using the "Status" request message. This is not typically required as a "Monitor" message is sent immediately after a connection is authenticated and whenever there is a change thereafter. If for any reason this initial message is not processed you can request the information using the "Status" request. TRANSMITTED RECEIVED { "Message":"Status" } { "Message":"Monitor", "Model":"410", "Version":"v1.4", "Serial Number":614070500, "Inputs":[ {"State":1,"Count":49}, {"State":0,"Count":360}, {"State":0,"Count":8}, {"State":0,"Count":38}, {"State":0,"Count":3}, {"State":0,"Count":4}, {"State":0,"Count":5}, {"State":0,"Count":7} ], "Outputs":[ {"State":0}, {"State":0}, {"State":0}, {"State":0}, {"State":0}, {"State":0}, {"State":0}, {"State":0} ], "Timestamp":1444155435066 } Recall that messages are encapsulated with length information. Just as a reminder the Status request/command is actually sent as follows where whitespace outside of the JSON content is ignored: [ 20, {"Message":"Status"} ] [/flash/manpages/protocol.hlp:414]