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Overview Scripting OVERVIEW The JANOS WebServer utilizes a Hypertext Preprocessor modeled after the popular PHP general-purpose scripting language. This is not an official version of PHP and so it is referred to as a PHP-like scripting language. Web developers familiar with PHP will find working with scripting on JANOS to be very similar. JANOS scripting is a stable environment benefiting from a commitment to backwards compatibility. JANOS scripting can offer functionality tuned for use with JNIOR products. JANOS scripting implements a subset of the PHP Hypertext Pre-Processor. This allows segments of script to be interposed into HTML web content and used by the server to generate context specific web content on the fly and on demand. This may be used simply to label a page uniquely based on unit configuration. Or, a page may consist entirely of script and respond to parameters supplied in the URL to provide support for AJAX type requests and dynamic HTML. Uniquely JANOS scripting extends beyond the WebServer where it is used to render HTML. Scripting can be included as part of a command line batch file. In the batch environment scripts can conditionally render commands generating a batch file as appropriate for the current state of JNIOR. This proves to be very powerful and avoids having a separate and yet different scripting environment for batch. Scripts can also be written to be executed as a program. While batch files use the .BAT extension, scripted programs use the .PRG file extension and can be executed using the RUN command. Of course in this case the script simply renders general output. A little less useful but invaluable in testing, script snippets can also be directly entered at the command line. JANOS scripting is compiled. This is critical in attaining performance both in rendering websites and executing command line programs. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: SCRIPT, WEBSERVER, RUN, CKSUMS [/flash/manpages/program.hlp:228]