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SAFEMODE Reference DESCRIPTION A JNIOR may be booted into SAFEMODE using the small jumper located between the LAN and COM RS-232 ports. A switch may be wired to the jumper and if activated briefly would reset/reboot the JNIOR. A well-behaved reboot occurs. If the switch is held through the reboot SAFEMODE is activated. This mode is noted in the command line banner. NOTES SAFEMODE temporarily enables the default administrator login credentials. This is to assist those who have changed and subsequently forgotten the passwords. SAFEMODE does not automatically start application programs (RUN keys). If an application program somehow causes an issue whereby the JNIOR enters a tight reboot loop, this will regain access to the unit letting you remove or correct the faulty application. The IpConfig/Allow Registry key is ignored in SAFEMODE. This will temporarily allow access to network services when a faulty access Filter has been set. The faulty Registry key can be removed. JANOS registers applications during boot. SAFEMODE skips this application procedure. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: FILTER [/flash/manpages/reference.hlp:491]