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RUN User Commands NAME run - Execute Script SYNOPSIS run SCRIPT PARAMETERS DESCRIPTION JANOS uses a PHP-like language for scripting. In batch file execution, scripts may be used to render batch file commands which are then executed. This is analogous to using PHP to render an HTML document which is then served to a browser. The RUN command executes the script the results of which are simply sent to the display. In this case the SCRIPT is essentially a program. The SCRIPT file typically has a PRG file extension. If an extension is omitted then .PRG is assumed. The system searches for the SCRIPT file as it would a Java program. Scripts may be placed in the /flash folder and easily executed without path or extension using RUN. Script files accept PARAMETERS as do batch files and Java applications. NOTES The RUN command can be used to render a batch program allowing you to examine the resulting commands without executing them. Once you are satisfied that the script generates the correct command set you can execute the batch file normally. A SCRIPT could be written to output information using the ECHO command allowing it to be used without the RUN command in batch mode. Scripts are compiled and therefore run fairly efficiently. The resulting compiled script is cached for the duration of the command session. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: BATCH, SCRIPTING, PHP [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:2453]