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Relay Outputs JNIOR models support from 4 to 12 internal SPST relays. These are small signal relays rated for a maximum current of 1A (Contact Rating). The switching voltage capability of these relays can be up to 220VDC (250VAC). Maximum Ratings: 1A 60V ----------------------------- For higher currents (up to 10A) INTEG supplies the Power 4ROUT external module. One or more modules can be connected through the Sensor Port expansion bus and add to the relay complement of a JNIOR. Relay Ouptuts are dry-contact outputs and do not supply voltage. An externally supplied voltage must power the circuit to be switched by the relay output. This is import when using the output to signal other equipment expecting a voltage input. By default Relay Outputs are Normally Open (NO) not enabling the external circuit until activated. When a relay is closed by the JNIOR the associated red LED will illuminate. Internally the JNIOR offers jumpers that can reconfigure a relay output to Normally Closed (NC) constantly enabling the external circuit being switched. In this case the relay is activated to interrupt the circuit. This may be useful perhaps to temporarily remove power from an external device effectively resetting it. The NC option on the Model 410 is available for the top 2 relays on connector D (see MODELS). The Model 412 (and Model 412DMX) offer 4 configurable relays. These are the top 2 on connectors B and D. The Model 414 has 2 configurable relays being the top 2 on connector C. Connector Relays are grouped 4 to a connector. These are 8-pin terminal block headers on 0.200" (5.08 mm) pitch (Weidmuller 1510910000 for instance). The proper 8-pin screw terminal plugs are supplied with the connector kit. Connections Each relay uses a pair of adjacent pins. These are completely independent of the other relay connections. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: MODELS, INPUTS [/flash/manpages/hardware.hlp:108]