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JRFLASH User Commands NAME jrflash - Flash File System (FFS) Utility SYNOPSIS jrflash [OPTIONS] DESCRIPTION Part of the JNIOR File System is retained in Flash Memory. This is the content of the /flash folder. This command displays the size of the Flash and the amount of remaining space. -C Displays statistics including the status of any cached data. The writes_per_minute statistic may be used as an indication as to how heavily the Flash is used. Flash components do have a finite life. -F Formats the FFS. You will need to confirm the action. All data will be lost. It is recommended that data be copied from the Flash first if possible. It can then be restored. -R Perform reclamation pass. Flash memory areas can be written once and then must be reclaimed before being used again. The FFS utilizes all of the available memory before reclaiming. The process is transparent and happens in the background. This option allows you to manually reclaim memory. This can greatly improve Flash performance in terms of the average write time. [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:3623]