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PING User Commands NAME ping SYNOPSIS ping [OPTIONS] [ADDRESS] ping [OPTIONS] [HOST] DESCRIPTION PING is used to test the ability to communicate with a specific HOST over the IP network (Internet). A small packet is transmitted to a destination which, if it is configured to do so, will reply. The round trip time is displayed. A HOST may be specified by IP ADDRESS or Domain Name. -C COUNT By default PING will make 4 communication attempts. This number may be specified by COUNT. -I MILLIS By Default PING sends a communication every 1 second. This interval may be specified by MILLIS in milliseconds (1 sec = 1000 milliseconds). -T TTL The Time To Live (TTL) specifies "how far" a packet is allowed to travel. This is in hops and by the standards each router handling the packet counts as a step. By default TTL is 128. Using a limited TTL allows you to probe only the local network neighborhood. -W MILLIS After a packet is transmitted the JNIOR waits for a response. By default if there is not response in 5 seconds the target is declared unreachable. This timeout period can be specified in milliseconds. -V This option validates the JNIOR network configuration. This PINGs all of the configured addresses for the Gateway, DNS servers, Mail Server, NTP Server, and SYSLOG Server. This also checks access to the INTEG website at www.integpg.com which is just a simple way to confirm access to the Internet. -F The Flood option can be used to test communications reliability. This continually PINGs the target. A "twirly" is displayed (a sequence of characters / - \ | mimicking rotation). If a response is lost the twirly is replaced with a period '.' and the test continues. This provides a feeling for reliability as periods appear or do not appear during the test. A Ctrl-C key combination terminates the activity and reports statistics. NOTES The standard implementation of a network stack supports ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) which includes the PING service. Sites wishing to limit their visibility may disable PING responses. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: IPCONFIG [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:3295]