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JMP Protocol MONITOR MESSAGE Here is an example of the "Monitor" message. In addition to the State and Count for each Digital Input in sequence and Relay Output in sequence, there is information about the JNIOR including a timestamp. The "Monitor" message will be sent by the server whenever any I/O status changes. { "Message":"Monitor", "Model":"410", "Version":"v1.4", "Serial Number":614070500, "Inputs":[ {"State":1,"Count":49}, {"State":0,"Count":360}, {"State":0,"Count":8}, {"State":0,"Count":38}, {"State":0,"Count":3}, {"State":0,"Count":4}, {"State":0,"Count":5}, {"State":0,"Count":7} ], "Outputs":[ {"State":0}, {"State":0}, {"State":0}, {"State":0}, {"State":0}, {"State":0}, {"State":0}, {"State":0} ], "Timestamp":1444155435066 } Note that the number of inputs and outputs vary depending on the model of JNIOR and number of 4ROUT external modules. The standard Model 410 has 8 inputs and 8 outputs. The Model 412 has an additional 4 outputs for 12 and correspondingly less inputs where there are only 4. Similarly the Model 414 has 4 additional inputs for 12 and correspondingly fewer outputs where there are only 4. There may be additional outputs included. The JNIOR will include up to 8 additional Relay Outputs from up to 2 external 4ROUT modules in this message. The order in which the external relay modules are assigned into the output sequence is managed by the Registry and the EXTERN command based upon each external module's ID. [/flash/manpages/protocol.hlp:362]