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MODE User Commands NAME mode - Adjust system mode. SYNOPSIS mode [OPTION] DESCRIPTION The MODE command is provided for modifying the mode of the COM RS-232 port. The COM port provides access to the Command Line Console and also provides diagnostic dialog during boot. If the port is to be used in an application the default diagnostic and command line operation can be disabled. The application may do so through programming. The MODE command can be used to restore default operation. -S Option silences the COM port dialog and disables command line access. -V Restores COM port boot dialog and command line access. -A Temporarily allows Command Line access through the AUX port. NOTES The COM port setting is stored in the COMSerial/BootDialog Registry key. The AUX port command line capability once activated is available only until power is removed. [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:2902]