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HELP/MAN User Commands NAME help - Help System ALIASES HELP, MAN SYNOPSIS help [OPTIONS] [TOPIC] DESCRIPTION The Help System is designed to make information more readily available to users during Command Line Console sessions. The HELP command issued without parameters lists the available commands. Help information for any of the available commands can then be displays using the name as the TOPIC. Additional HELP Topics are available for Registry keys and reference information. -S When a topic is not found HELP displays search results displaying topics which contain the TOPIC keyword. By default only a limited number of matches are displayed. This option skips the search for a specific TOPIC, performs the content search, and shows ALL results. Results are listing in order of decreasing relevance. -I [CATEGORY] Generates an index including all of the available HELP topics. If a valid CATEGORY is specified the list is limited to a related subset. -C List all available categories. Most HELP topics belong to at least one category. -P This option pages the Help response 24 lines at a time. The user can page through the information using any keyboard keystroke. This eliminates the need to scroll back for reading. A Ctrl-C disables the paging for the balance of the text. -L Displays the brief legacy Help text as is available for commands. NOTES The Topic may contain '*' and '?' wildcards but only matches legacy Help text in that case. The command HELP * then can generate a quick reference for commands. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: SUPPORT, MANUAL [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:334]