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LOGGER User Commands NAME logger - Log Entry Utility SYNOPSIS logger [OPTIONS] MSGTEXT DESCRIPTION Makes a log entry using the MSGTEXT. By default this logs to /jniorsys.log and to the SYSLOG Server if configured. This command is useful in batch and script files when the action should be logged. The log entry by default has a [logger] prefix tag. -F FILE Redirects the log entry to FILE. -T TAG Log the entry with a [TAG] prefix. Overrides [logger] default. -I Includes the Process ID (PID) with the entry. -R Dirests the log entry to the external SYSLOG Server only. -P LEVEL Sets the severity level reported to the external SYSLOG server. 0 - Emergency 1 - Alert 2 - Critical 3 - Error 4 - Warning 5 - Notice 6 - Info (Default) 7 - Debug SEE ALSO HELP Topics: BATCH, SCRIPTING [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:2358]