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Latching Inputs DESCRIPTION When pulsed signals are applied to a Digital Input the input state may change so fast that it cannot be seen or detected by an application. The solution is to capture the pulse and hold the signal state long enough to be detected and then processed. An input can be configured to latch on either the 1 (ON) state or the 0 (OFF) state. A pulse as short a 1 milli- second can be detected. Once latched a timer can be configured to reset the latch after a period suitable for the application. Alternatively the latch might hold the condition indefinitely until it is manually reset or acknowledged by the application programming. This may be appropriate in a fire alarm situation. NOTES Pulses may also be stretched using Debounce. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: IO/Inputs/[DIN]/Latching, DEBOUNCE [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:2571]