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JRUPDATE User Commands NAME jrupdate - JNIOR Update Utility SYNOPSIS jrupdate [OPTIONS] UPDFILE jrupdate [OPTIONS] ZIPFILE jrupdate [OPTIONS] URL DESCRIPTION The JNIOR firmware can be updated using the JRUPDATE command. This is used to update the operating system (JANOS). It is highly recommended that the latest version of JANOS be used. In many cases it is a prerequisite for continuing technical support. -U Prepare to update from the file UPDFILE. Typically a UPD file is obtained from INTEG and loaded into the /temp folder. This option readies the firmware for update upon reboot. The JanosClasses runtime is immediately updated. -P When used in combination with the -U option this causes the system to proceed with the reboot after preparing the UPDFILE. -F Skips the update confirmation and proceeds with the update. -C Cancels a prepared update. The firmware will not be updated upon reboot. Note that the JanosClasses runtime has been updated in the preparation and this may or may not cause issues pending the eventual firmware update. -R At the completion of a firmware update the prior version of the operating system remains stored. This option will revert the firmware to the original upon reboot. Note that the JanosClasses runtime is unaffected and may or may not cause issues with the older firmware. The -R option can be repeated to toggle between JANOS versions. There generally has been little or no need for this reversion option. -I Run installer. If a ZIPFILE is specified that contains a setup.bat batch file, it is executed to complete the steps involved in the installation. -G Downloads a files from the supplied URL into the /temp folder before proceeding with other options. This may load a UPD file or other installation file. NOTES Typically updates are performed using the Support Tool and a supplied Update Project. Manually the firmware is updated by copying the UPD file to the /temp folder and executing the following command. jrupdate -fup /temp/longfilename.upd The TAB feature of the command line is useful in constructing this command in that you need not type the lengthy UPD file name. Product firmware update procedures typically warn against removing power during the procedure. JANOS performs a fault tolerant firmware exchange procedure that is unaffected by the loss of power. This also completes fairly quickly and won't keep you on the edge of your seat waiting. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: TAB [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:3551]