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IPCONFIG User Commands NAME ipconfig - IP Network Utility SYNOPSIS ipconfig [OPTIONS] DESCRIPTION This command is used to configure network settings. If issued without options the current settings are displayed. The product is shipped with Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) enabled which will allow the JNIOR to properly configure itself for most networks. In most applications the JNIOR should be assigned a fixed IP address. -A IPADDR Assign the IP Address IPADDR. The accepted formats are: NNN.NNN.NNN.NNN Defining IP address only. NNN.NNN.NNN.NNN/BB Defining IP address and BB netmask. where: NNN is 0-255 BB is typically 24 (number of 1's in netmask) -M NETMASK Assign the net mask NETMASK. Often is used. Note there are 24 1's left-justified and therefore the /24 is used. -G IPADDR Define the Gateway IP Address. This is required to reach external servers as may be needed for DNS name resolution, Network Time Protocol (NTP) for clock updates, and sending email notifications. -P IPADDR Define Primary DNS IP Address. -S IPADDR Define Secondary DNS IP Address. -D Enable DHCP configuration (default). -R Release DHCP leased IP address and disable DHCP. -T MILLIS Set DNS timeout to MILLIS milliseconds (default 5000). -H HOST Sets the mailhost. HOST can reference a Domain or Ip Address. -F EMAIL Defines the Sender's (FROM) email address. This will be validated by the Mail Server and must be the user's valid registered email address. -U USERNAME Defines the username for the email account used for sending email. Note that in setting the username a password will be automatically requested, encrypted and stored securely. -X Remove/Delete user credentials entered with the -U option. Necessary to insure that both the Username and the securely stored password are cleared from the unit. -L SYSLOG Defines a SYSLOG server for external logging. SYSLOG may reference a Domain or IP address. -N DOMAIN Defines the local Domain. By default this is jnior.local and it is generally arbitrary. NOTES The NTP time server address is set by the DATE command. The default is pool.ntp.org. The ARP -S command performs a local IP scan and can be used to verify availability of IP addresses. The PING -V command can be used to verify communications with the configured gateways and servers. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: ARP, DATE, NSLOOKUP, SENDMAIL, LOGGER, PING [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:1446]