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IOLOG User Commands NAME iolog - I/O Log Utility SYNOPSIS iolog [OPTIONS] DESCRIPTION The IOLOG command provides access to digital and communications logs that are available for digital inputs, relay outputs, the AUX serial port and the JNIOR Sensor Port (expansion bus). The command entered without OPTIONS generates the /jniorio.log file containing detailed entries for each digital transition of an input or relay. -T Indicates digital transitions. The standard /jniorio.log uses 0's and 1's indicating the state of the input or output. An entry is made when a state changes. This option uses an 'L' to indicate and state changes 1->0 and an 'H' for the change 0->1. -A This option specifies the AUX port. This generates the /auxio.log file detailing communications activity over the AUX port. -S This options specifies the Sensor Port. This generates the /sensorio.log file detailing communications with external modules. -O Redirects output to the console. This displays the log to the console and the associated file is not generated. -R Resets the logs. All previous activity either digital or serial is erased. NOTES Serial logs are in hexadecimal. Data transmitted by the JNIOR is shown as HH along with the character representation. Data received by the JNIOR is surrounded by dashes as -HH- to distinguish the direction of the communication. The NETSTAT command provides a network capture capability that is also useful in diagnostics. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: NETSTAT, JRMON, ASCII [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:2707]