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Digital Inputs The JNIOR Digital Inputs are voltage sensing. Any voltage applied in excess of 2.5V will activate the input. The red LED will illuminate. These are not high impedance inputs and have an equivalent resistance of about 1,200 Ohms. The connected signal source must be capable of supplying at least 25ma of current in order to trigger an input. Maximum Voltage Rating: 30V ------------------------------- Inputs are filtered and will detect and count transitions to a frequency of about 1,800 Hz. These inputs are also debounced by default. This is configurable by Registry setting. Higher voltages may be sensed by inserting an additional series resistance. Connector Inputs are grouped 4 to a connector. These are 8-pin terminal block headers on 0.200" (5.08 mm) pitch (Weidmuller 1510910000 for instance). The proper 8-pin screw terminal plugs are supplied with the connector kit. Connections Each input uses a pair of adjacent pins. The (+) positive input of each pair is that closest to the top (PWR end) of the JNIOR. This is true even with Digital Inputs located on the opposite side of the product as in the Model 414. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: MODELS, RELAYS, DIN [/flash/manpages/hardware.hlp:151]