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Include Statement Scripting DESCRIPTION The include statement inserts and processes the specified file. include $filename; The $filename argument must evaluate to a string and specify a valid existing file. An absolute file specification (beginning with '/') may be used to retrieve files from anywhere in the JANOS file system. If only a file name is specified or a relative path is used the system searches for the file relative to the root of the website (typically /flash/www) using the same procedures used to retrieve standard web pages. File contents are included in HTML Mode. If the file has a file extension other than .PHP the file is included in the output stream without interpretation. If the file extension is .PHP then PHP content in the file will be interpreted and processed in normal PHP Mode as appropriate. Files may be included at any point in PHP code where a valid PHP statement is accepted. Files may be conditionally included. You may include a file any number of times. The content is cached. An included file may include other files. An error encountered during the interpretation of an included file will be reported with the line number and file name of the included file. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: SCRIPT [/flash/manpages/program.hlp:1324]