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HISTORY/HIST User Commands NAME history - Command Line History Utility ALIASES HISTORY, HIST SYNOPSIS hist [INDEX] hist [SEARCH] DESCRIPTION The Command Console maintains the history of entered commands. This is generally accessed using the UP and DOWN cursor arrows. A previous command may be recalled, optionally edited, and potentially reissued. The command history has been greatly enhanced as many more commands are retained and now are carried from console session to console session. These histories are unique to the user for obvious security reasons. In the absence of INDEX or SEARCH parameters the HISTORY command displays an enumerated list of past entries. The numeric INDEX can then be entered in a subsequent HIST command to recall the entry to the command line for optional editing and reissue. A SEARCH string may be used to display prior entries containing a match. These will be enumerated but if there is only one matching entry it will just be brought to the command line for you. The SEARCH string may contain Regular Expression (REGEX) syntax. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: REGEX, TAB, PROMPT [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:1331]