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FTP Client Interactive Mode COMMANDS help (or ?) Displays legacy help information. open SERVER If SERVER is not specified by the command line this can be used to start a session with the remove FTP server. The format is as follows: username:password@server Where 'server' may be given as an IP address or a Domain name. If 'password' is omitted it will be securely requested. If 'username' is omitted both the username and password will be requested. close Disconnects from the remote FTP server. The OPEN command can then be used to establish a new connection. ascii Operate in ASCII data mode. binary Operate in BINARY data mode (Default). passive Operate in passive mode. Data is transferred by a separate data connection. In this mode the JNIOR waits for the remote FTP Server to establish the connection. active Operate in active mode (Default). In this mode when data is to be transferred the JNIOR works to establish a separate data connection with the remote FTP Server. secure Use secure data communications. plain Data is transferred in the clear. This is the default. dir (or ls) List files available in the remote directory. cd DIR Change the remote working directory to DIR. pwd Display the current remote directory. get REMFILE LOCFILE Copy the remote file REMFILE to the JNIOR as LOCFILE. put LOCFILE REMFILE Copy the local file LOCFILE to the remote server as REMFILE. delete FILE Remove the file FILE from the remote server. mkdir DIR Create the directory DIR on the remote server. rmdir DIR Remove the directory DIR from the remote server. cat FILE Requests the remote FILE and displays the content. verbode Show progress and additional status. bye, exit, quite End Session. Either will exit the interactive session and close the connection with the remote server. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: FTPCLIENT [/flash/ftp/ftpclient.hlp:58]