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FtpClient User Commands NAME ftp SYNOPSIS ftp [OPTIONS] [SERVER] DESCRIPTION Files can be transferred on and off of a JNIOR using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). This typically is performed by a program on a remote computer which works with the JANOS built-in FTP Server. This application allows you to work from the JNIOR Command Line with a remote FTP Server. With this tool you can transfer files to and from a remote machine. The FTP Client has two modes of operation. In an interactive mode you can query available remote files and make transfers as needed. From the command line you can specify a command file which allows the FTP Client to perform transfers without intervention. SERVER If specified the FTP Client will establish the connection with the remote FTP Server. The format is as follows: username:password@server Where 'server' may be given as an IP address or a Domain name. If 'password' is omitted it will be securely requested. If 'username' is omitted both the username and password will be requested. You can use the OPEN command in the interactive session to specify the server. OPTIONS -P Use secure connections. -V Verbose mode. The progress of any transfer will be displayed with additional detail. -C FILE Specifies a command file which will be used instead of the interactive session. -H Or any faulty option will display the legacy built-in Help text for the command. NOTES This application program was written as a command line extension and operates as if it were a built-in command. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: FTP_COMMANDS [/flash/ftp/ftpclient.hlp:2]