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JBakup Log Archiving Service DESCRIPTION The JBakup service accumulates system LOG file data as it ages. Periodically new .LOG.BAK file content is concatenated to any existing LOG.BAK data located in the LOG.ZIP from the /flash/baks folder. The ZIP is updated. These accumulations are limited in size but generally cover a long period of time. NOTES System LOG files age to a corresponding LOG.BAK file when they reach a maximum size (currently 64KB). JBakup generally sleeps and awakes on the quarter hour to look for new LOG.BAK files. These have a date newer than the related LOG.ZIP file located in the flash/baks folder. When found a new LOG.BAK file is appended to the content of the ZIP. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: LOGS, ZIP [/flash/JBakup/jbakup.hlp:2]