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EGREP/GREP/FIND User Commands NAME find - File Search Utility ALIASES FIND, GREP, EGREP SYNOPSIS find [OPTIONS] SEARCH FILE egrep [OPTIONS] REGEX FILE DESCRIPTION This command searches a text FILE for matches to a specified SEARCH string. Each line containing a match is displayed. FIND and GREP search for an exact match to the string. Case-dependent and case-independent searches are possible. Regular Expressions (REGEX) are used with EGREP or when optionally selected. -E Use Regular Expressions (REGEX) for searches. This is the default with the command alias EGREP. -C Counts the number of lines with matches. Only the resulting count is reported. -N Displays the line number in the FILE for each matching line. -H Displays the FILE specification and line number for each matching line. -I Performs a case-independent search. -M This displays each matching line and subsequently underlines the matched text with a series of dashes '---'. When this option is used with REGEX the captured Groups as may be specified in the Regular Expression using parentheses ( ) are displayed. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: REGEX [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:2174]