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FILES User Commands The JANOS File System was modeled after Linux in order to maintain some familiarity for some users. Also the Linux file permissions are handled more logically than in other operating systems. OWNERSHIP Each file or directory has an Owner. This is the user account that created the file or directory or 'root' is the system did so. The USERS command lists the current users. The CHOWN command can alter the assigned ownership as well as the Group. GROUPS A file or directory may be assigned to a Group. A Group is a subset of the user accounts that can be given specific access permissions for the file or directory. The GROUPS command lists he current Groups. The CHGRP command can alter the Group assignment. The 'root' Group includes all users and is the default. PERMISSIONS File and directory permissions are displayed as a 10-character string in the format: drwxrwxrwx 'd' Is present for directories. 'r' Indicates that 'read' permission is granted. 'w' Indicates that 'write' permission is granted. 'x' Is set for executable files. '-' Is displayed otherwise. After the first character that describes the entry type there are 3 'rwx' sets corresponding to permissions respectively for the Owner, Group and then everyone else. The CHMOD command is used to alter file and folder permissions. NOTES An Administrator has access to all files and directories regardless of the defined permissions. Permission settings are then generally not required unless the product is to be accessed by other types of users. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: LS, USERS, GROUPS, CHOWN, CHGRP, CHMOD [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:1677]