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Factory Configuration FACTORY RESET A JNIOR may be reset to factory configuration. This involves clearing the unit which is an operation referred to as Sanitizing . Once this is done an All-In-One update project must be run using the Support Tool in order to restore the factory set of files. SANITIZING This procedure clears the JNIOR completely of any prior configuration placing the unit in a fresh and blank condition. This performs the following actions: 1. Shuts down running applications. 2. Reformats the Flash memory erasing all content. 3. Resets the Registry removing all content. This retains key IpConfig settings so connection with the unit is not interrupted. This also retains the Timezone. 4. Erases User Database resetting to default credentials. This retains clock configuration, the POR count, and the runtime tally. 5. Performs a reboot. This reset does not revert the operating system to that originally supplied. If a particular version is required the proper All-In-One must be used containing the desired UPD for the version. We recommend that you use the latest All-In-One in this process. The command to perform this operation must be run from the Command Line and is as follows: REBOOT -ERASEALL This Sanitization sufficiently removes all user related information as may be of security concern. If the JNIOR is employed in a secure Secret or Top Secret environment it must be sanitized with this procedure before being removed. RESTORING FILES The latest All-In-One Update Project may be run using the Support Tool to finally update the JANOS operating system and restore the factory installed files. Both the Support Tool and the update projects may be obtained from the website at jnior.com . Note that in the absence of the Support Tool you can transfer the files listed in the Initial_Files section to the unit from another JNIOR or backup file. NOTES Do not copy the /flash/jnior.ini file. If you intend to copy Registry settings to the unit the Registry import/ingest command Reg -I should be used. The jnior.ini file is automatically generated and should not be edited or overwritten. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: REBOOT, REG [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:988]