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Factory Configuration FIRMWARE The Firmware consists of the JANOS operating system and Java Runtime Library. These are programmed at the factory into a Read-Only Memory (ROM) area within the processor itself. This is sufficient to bring the JNIOR to life. Any further configuration for any specific purpose is achieved by loading files, some containing application programs (JAR files), into the File System. The ROM can contain two separate copies of the operating system. The update process is managed by the JRUPDATE command. INTEG supplies an updated version of JANOS in an update file (UPD extension). The JRUPDATE command takes the UPD file and transfers the new version of the operating system into the second area and signals the availability of the update. On reboot the system, in an absolutely fault tolerant way, swaps the two JANOS images installing the updated version. The UPD file also contains an updated version of the Java Runtime Library JanosClasses.jar that is accessible in the /etc folder. The JRUPDATE command immediately updates the runtime library image. There is a very slight risk that an updated runtime library might not be compatible with the running version of JANOS. An immediate reboot is recommended to insure that the new version of the operating system, which would be compatible with the runtime, comes on-line. Any incompatibility would simply generate an Exception during application execution. This would only be a temporary condition. NOTES The update file (UPD) is generally about 1MB in size. This should be transferred into the /temp temporary folder before executing the JRUPDATE command. The only other area in the file system that can accommodate a file of this size is the /flash folder and its sub-folders. Attempting to place this large file anywhere else in the file system could cause the unit to run out of memory and potentially lose data. This should, however, be a recoverable situation. If you are running an Update Project such as an All-In-One using the Support Tool, this update process is handled for you. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: JRUPDATE, FLASH, TEMP [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:826]