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EXTERN User Commands NAME extern - External Module Utility SYNOPSIS extern [OPTION] DESCRIPTION Displays the status (present or not preset) and the ID string assigned by the factory. -R Removes devices that are no longer present. NOTES Module order affects the extension of the internal I/O. For instance the Model 410 has 8 relay outputs 1 - 8. Adding an external 4ROUT module then adds relays 9-12. Adding another module adds relays 13-16 for a maximum of 16. The order in which the modules are added determines the relationship to the relay numbers. To insure the proper order: 1. Disconnect all external modules. 2. Execute the EXTERN -R command 3. Connect the first module (for relays 9-12 for instance). 4. Execute EXTERN confirm that the module has been recognized. 5. Connect the second module. The order would then be correct and properly remembered. Do not attempt to manipulate the TypeHH_N Registry keys. These are dynamically updated by the system. [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:2670]