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ENVIRONMENT Reference Unlike the Registry the Environment is local to and specific for each running process. This contains NAME-VALUE pairs and variables are case-dependent. When a process is started it inherits the Environment from its parent. The System uses certain Environment variables to convey information. Applications are free to use environment variables to pass parameters or to temporarily store state information. The SET command is used to view and define environment content. SYSTEM VARIABLES BKSP The backspace key has a different usage on Linux based systems. The command line process attempts to detect the intended use and when it does sets the BKSP variable. A value of '1' indicates that the connecting terminal is Windows based or otherwise uses the backspace similarly. CD This holds the Current Directory. The current working directory is also displayed as the command line prompt. File paths not beginning with the path separator '/' are relative to the current directory. CMDLINE Contains the command line used to execute an program. The parent process stores the command line here, executes the application and then removes it. A program can retrieve the command line used to start it. COLUMNS Defines the display width in characters. The default and minimum is 80. This is used in formatting output from commands such as HELP and DIR. ERRORLEVEL Programs generally return a numeric result. This is typically zero '0' upon successful completion. The returned value can be used as an error code or other purpose. The returned value is placed in the ERRORLEVEL variable. RUNKEY RUNCMD These variables are set when an application has been started using a Run/ Registry Key. Application programs can be started at boot using these keys. RUNKEY provides the key name. RUNCMD holds the key value which would be the command line command starting the program. NOTES Environment variables can be referenced by commands in batch files. A variable name surrounded by percent '%' signs in a batch command line are replaced with the value of the variable. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: SETENV, BATCH [/flash/manpages/reference.hlp:264]