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COM Serial Registry Key OVERVIEW The COM RS-232 port is located at the bottom of the JNIOR next to the Ethernet LAN connector. This port supports 3-wire RS-232 communications with optional capability for software XON/XOFF handshake for pacing communications. By default the COM port also provides diagnostic output during boot and serves as a serial access point to the Command Line Console. This port is available for connection to remote equipment. In connecting a remote serial device it is recommended that you first use the AUX port. The AUX port is by default dedicated to application use; It is supported by IOLOG providing comprehensive transmission logging; It provides no unexpected output such as diagnostics; And, there are additional communications lines and communication modes. NOTES The MODE -S command can be used to silence diagnostic output and to disable access to the Command Line Console. The Boot Dialog may also be disabled through the WebUI under the Serial I/O Configruation tab. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: COM_PORT, AUX_PORT, MODE, IOLOG [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:3677]