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Authentication Security DEFAULT CREDENTIALS Even with care to use both secure connections and password authentication the JNIOR may be easily compromised if the default user accounts are not removed or given unique strong passwords. Surprisingly a large percentage of JNIORs are left with the default user accounts. A common oversight is to change the password on the 'jnior' administrator account while leaving the secondary 'admin' administrator account active and with default credentials. To insure security, you MUST remove any unused user accounts and change the passwords from their defaults on remaining accounts. The JNIOR may be supplied with two (2) default administrator accounts 'jnior' and 'admin', a default 'user' account and a default 'guest' account. The default passwords are simply the usernames. JANOS command line functions provide for user management. Use the PASSWD command to alter passwords from their defaults. Use the USERMOD command to disable unused accounts or the USERDEL command to remove accounts. The USERS command is used to list the defined users. jr615010258 /> users admin 3 Administrator guest 0 jnior 1 Administrator user 2 Control jr615010258 /> Users typically rely on the 'jnior' account for administration. It is recommended that you remove the 'admin' account. The Support Tool defaults to the 'jnior' account. The 'guest' account should also be disabled using the USERMOD +D command. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: USERS, USERDEL, USERMOD, PASSWD [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:942]