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Registry Configuration OVERVIEW The JNIOR Automation Network Operating System (JANOS) and its applications can be configured to suit your needs. Configuration involves choices, and those settings may be stored in a variety of ways. JANOS relies on its Registry system for all operating system configuration. The Registry can also be easily used by applications and web pages for the storage of custom configuration settings. The Registry may also be used to store and share data dynamically. The JANOS Registry is non-volatile. Its content remains in place even when power is removed. Information is stored as a set of name-value pairs. Each entry is referenced by a unique Registry Key or name. Each entry contains information formatted as a character string representing its value. The content is available to JANOS directly, to external applications and web pages through protocols, and to local application programs through the JanosClasses.jar runtime library. JANOS maintains a backup copy of the Registry in the /flash/jnior.ini file. When content in the Registry is changed this INI file will later be updated to reflect the changes. This backup file is automatically generated and should not be overwritten or modified. JANOS performs this backup every several minutes as needed. The /flash/jnior.ini file may be read and saved as a representation of Registry content. This INI file will reflect changes only after the backup occurs. The backup is automatically performed on reboot. A copy of the /flash/jnior.ini file may be edited and saved under a different filename. This then may be ingested using the REG -I command as means a performing bulk configuration. All actions are logged to the jniorsys.log file providing an audit trail for configuration management. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: REG [/flash/manpages/registry.hlp:4]