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CAT/TYPE User Commands NAME cat - displays file content. ALIASES CAT, TYPE SYNOPSIS cat [OPTIONS]... FILESPEC DESCRIPTION Displays the content of FILESPEC to the standard output. -H The file content is dumped in standard hex debug format. -J Attempts to display a JSON file in a more readable form. -P Displays the last page (23 lines) of the file. Cannot be combined with other options. Commands and options are not case-sensitive. Options may appear anywhere on the command line and in any order. Options may be combined following the dash '-' or separately specified. EXAMPLES cat jniorsys.log -p Displays the most recent page of SYSLOG entries. type -j manifest.json Formats and displays the MANIFEST command reference point database. NOTES This command does not concatenate as it might on other systems. You can concatenate files using CAT and redirection first with '>' to create the new file and then with '>>' to append subsequent file content. For example: cat jniorsys.log.bak > syslog.log cat jniorsys.log >> syslog.log cat syslog.log -p SEE ALSO HELP Topics: MANIFEST, JSON, ASCII [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:2126]