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ARP User Commands NAME arp - Address Resolution Protocol SYNOPSIS arp [OPTIONS] [IPADDR] DESCRIPTION Communications over the local network use the fixed MAC addressing assigned by device manufacturers. The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) helps us find the MAC address associated with the IP addresses that we give to local devices and computers. The ARP command displays the cached mappings. If IPADDR is specified the command displays the mapping for the IP address if known. Otherwise the entire database of active devices is displayed. -A IPADDR Issues an ARP request for IPADDR if not present in the cache. -D IPADDR Removes IPADDR from the cache. This forces the JNIOR to issue a new request when next attempting to contact the remote device. -S Scans the entire subnet displaying the IP addresses used by any computers or devices on the network. In addition to the IP address the listing shows the MAC address and other identification information. If the remote device is referenced in the JNIOR's network configuration its role is also indicated. The ARP -S command is useful in locating unused IP addressing. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: IPCONFIG [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:3353]