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JAVA User Commands NAME java - Execute Java Application SYNOPSIS [java] FILESPEC [&] DESCRIPTION This executes the Java program. FILESPEC typically defines a JAR file generated externally by a standard Java compiler such as Netbeans. The program must be expressly built using the JanosClasses.jar runtime library. The optional ampersand '&' must lie at the end of the line and when present causes the program to execute in the background as a new process. The JAVA command itself is optional. When a command line is processed and a built-in command has not been specified the system looks for a Java program. If FILESPEC does not specify a folder the system will search for the program, FILESPEC also does not need to include the .JAR extension as it will be assumed. Java programs are typically stored in the /flash folder. The system searches the /flash folder first. If the program is not found the search will continue in the root and then the current working directory before finally indicating that the program cannot be found. NOTES Applications are started on boot using Run keys in the Registry. Run/<NAME> = <COMMAND> The NAME is arbitrary and usually the program name is used. The value of the key is handled as a COMMAND as if were entered from the command line. Programs started with Run keys execute in the background each with their own instance of the JVM. SEE ALSO HELP Topics: PROGRAMMING, THD, PS [/flash/manpages/manpages.hlp:2413]